The platform with endless possibilities

Microsoft Power Platform is a leading application platform, rich in standard options with which professional applications can be built for organizations that want to switch quickly, in a controlled and flexible way.

No worries about security, compliance, data storage, backups and updates. This is settled. You can fully focus on the functional solution.


Many organizations have deployed multiple standalone custom applications with their own data storage to solve specific business needs.


In the future, these organizations will increasingly opt for a platform-first approach. Through integration with other business processes and shared data, new applications can be developed in less time and at lower costs. Something that was previously less or not possible.

Digital Lego

The Microsoft Power Platform is part of the platform-first approach and, together with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, forms Microsoft's “Cloud Application Platform”. We call it digital Lego, you can build with it endlessly.

An introduction to Power Platform

What is the Power Platform

The Power Platform offers, among other things, five main components for the development of low-code solutions. These components are used by makers to create a wide range of solutions and are integrally connected:
  • Power Apps enables the rapid development of web and mobile applications
  • Power Automate enables business process automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and the automation of actions within Power Apps
  • Power Virtual Agents provides a low-code capability for developing chatbots that enable employees, customers/members to have a “conversation” with your company data
  • Power BI is the leading business intelligence and data visualization engine
  • Power Pages, quickly build websites that deliver information and services to relations
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