Proud of our cases

Discover business stories from various companies that Global Software Solutions was allowed to work for.
April 9th 2024

Nisbets, the catering supplier with a 5-star service

When it comes to sustainable relationships: Nisbets has been in our customer base since 1999. Since 2012 they have maintained close contact with our colleague Wing, who has become an integral part of every significant expansion within this continually evolving company. Time to spotlight our partnership.
July 24th 2023

Van der Wal, a sustainable partner for Global Software Solutions

Van der Wal Transport, the most sustainable logistics partner for almost 100 years and a loyal customer of our company for several years. The company was founded in 1924 and has grown over the years into an all-round logistics service provider with branches in the Netherlands, England, Poland, Romania, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. At present, approximately 425 employees are employed.
July 12th 2023

Trobas Gelatine focuses on a digital future

1927, the year in which the story of this family business originally began, in the area of ​​Dongen. In 1978, the entire company site moved to the Tichelrijt industrial estate, where the gelatin-based glue left the production line in a traditional way.