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A term you couldn't possibly have missed in recent months: ChatGPT. The revolutionary chatbot, developed by OpenAI, the leading AI developer. This software gem is trained to generate answers in human language based on the question entered by the user in record speed.


No, ChatGPT is not the name of a new starship. Although it sounds like something extraterrestrial, we can better describe it as a very intelligent being. GPT is the abbreviation for Generative Pre-training Transformer.

Generative stands for the texts that the chatbot can generate, pre-training stands for the gigantic amounts of data that the chatbot uses in advance is fed and transformer represents the neural network that is used.

And then what does it do?

ChatGPT can generate texts simply by asking the program a question. With a unique combination of advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies, this application can have conversations with you that resemble a real human conversation.

The program is continuously trained on enormous amounts of data from various online sources in order to learn to give a correct answer to different types of questions and comments. This intensive training allows it to understand a question or comment and generate a response that appears very natural.

Not completely satisfied with the answer? You can then adjust the chatbot by entering a number of key words, indicating in which tone of voice you can write and asking to make the text shorter or longer.

How it can also offer solutions to your company

The power of ChatGPT lies not only in the enormous amount of knowledge acquired, but also in its 24/7 availability. But that is not everything. ChatGPT is able to process different types of data to provide companies with insight into the behavior of their customers. This way, companies can work on higher customer satisfaction by converting these insights into the right actions. And as if that weren't enough, the program is constantly learning. Through every interaction you undertake as a user, the program becomes smarter, as it were, and can integrate even better into your company.

An extra member of staff (that never gets tired)

ChatGPT is a powerful tool for companies and can be used to communicate, also with your (potential) customers. The program can write product descriptions, generate website content and write complete news articles. Want to make an appointment with a customer? This can now be done online via this chatbot. Want to summarize a lengthy document to its core? Within seconds you will have a perfect report ready on your desk. Looking for a creative idea? This software can also help you with that. Optimize your blog post in terms of SEO? ChatGPT is happy to generate the most clickable words so you can get started with them.
One important rule: the more specific your question is, the better the answer.

Using OpenAi is seizing opportunities

Let’s be honest. In deze snel veranderende wereld kunnen we het bestaan van deze automatische chatbots niet langer negeren. En waarom zouden we? Veel van het werk waaraan we zelf misschien net iets te veel tijd spenderen, kunnen we op deze manier uitbesteden.
It is also for this reason that Microsoft announced at the beginning of March that it would introduce GPT-AI in their already existing Power platform. The added functionality was baptized under the name 'Dynamics 365 Copilot'. Microsoft has a large share in OpenAI and now knows how to build this application into various Microsoft solutions in a very concrete way. The target? Simplify the usability between and of different workflows and create more time for employees in different functions. 9 out of 10 employees indicate that they want to reduce repetitive tasks to a minimum.
The software can come up with answers to questions and summarize meetings, but can also generate an email that takes into account relevant information from the linked sales system. Knowing that we spend +/- 66% of our time checking and replying to our emails, this is an undeniable improvement.

A satisfied user speaks

Edmond van Gestel, owner and manager at Global Software Solutions: “I am convinced that AI or Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence), of which Chat GPT is a part, will have a huge impact in our daily lives. In 1995, together with my colleagues, I started using the then relatively new internet, not knowing what it could bring us. I expect AI to quickly rise above that.”

“You already see many applications from Microsoft in which the benefits of AI are incorporated. For example, you can already see it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, where customers can generate commercial product descriptions for their webshop in no time at all.” 

“Honestly? This is just the beginning. The whole AI thing is evolving faster than any of us can imagine and I'm convinced it's going to be fantastic.”
Edmond van Gestel
Owner and manager at Global Software Solutions

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